Fundraising process for early stage startups with Arthayan

Business plan evaluation
Here we try to understand as much as possible about your startup. The reason why you started it, what is your mission and the long term vision you have for the business. We evaluate the sector your startup is in and research your competitors. A detailed study is carried out about the funding history for other startups working in a similar space as you. Our learnings are shared with you so that you get a realistic understanding of the ecosystem.

Pitch deck creation
A pitch deck is a presentation that the founders put together when seeking a round of funding from investors. It is a snapshot of all the work your startup has done and will do once it receives funding. Pitch deck is of paramount importance to initiate any discussion with an investor. Every investor will ask for it and not continue the discussion if he isn't impressed by it. Our team of experts follows industry best practices and guidelines provided by the Govt of India while carefully crafting this document for you.

Financial projections
Here we tackle the critical issue of valuation which is the most important point of debate between any investor and founder. We try to value the company using a valuation method that is most suitable for the business model of the startup. The same is done by discussions with founders about the future prospects of the company in terms of revenue generation, traction, market capture, etc. All these inputs are utilized to arrive at a value that would be acceptable to both investors and the founder.

Incubator or accelerator connects
While the pitch deck and financial projections we create for you can be used to approach any investor who wishes to fund your startup, we connect you with Incubators and Accelerators relevant to your startup. These are organizations that focus on helping a startup grow by providing mentorship, connections with industry partners, access to seed funding, and lab facilities. It's not just about the funds they invest in your company but also their understanding of the sector you are working in and being on the same page about the vision of the company. If the vision of the founders and the investor isn't aligned, the results can be catastrophic. Hence we help you match with the Incubator or accelerator that is the best fit for your startup.

Due Diligence
Rigorous due diligence is carried out before even a single penny passes from the investor's wallet to yours. In this process, investors see if your house is in order. Your entire organization along with its teammates undergo strict financial and legal audits. Arthayan consults you in being ready with this documentation which helps the process move ahead smoothly.

Term sheet and shareholders agreement
The term sheet is the document that outlines the terms by which an investor will make a financial investment in your company. Term sheets tend to consist of three sections: funding, corporate governance, and liquidation. Clauses mentioned in term sheets differ from investor to investor. For founders who are not from a finance background, this may seem a bit overwhelming. Conditions put across in these documents may have huge repercussions for the founders at a later stage in the venture's journey. That's where the Arthayan team will step in and explain it to you in detail. We shall also consult you on negotiating the deal in your best interest. Our legal team helps you navigate this final step before the money comes in.