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Entrepreneurship Development Programme

Customised training program to promote and assist entrepreneurs in India. Knowledge sessions will be curated for all business functions like finance, marketing and team building.

Funding Quest

10 part knowledge series about the key aspects of fundraising, delivered by seasoned investors and founders who have raised money for their ventures followed by virtual pitches to angel investors and/or VC firms.

Mentorship Programme

A holistic interactive program for startups to receive mentorship from subject matter experts. Start-ups get a chance to interact with mentors on a one-on-one basis.

Strategic Tie-ups

The startup ecosystem in India is quite fragmented and unorganized, team Arthayan assists stakeholders in it to make strategic tie-ups and partnerships which are mutually beneficial.

Incubation Setup

Building a state of the art incubation center for academic institutions which helps startups grow their ventures and generate employment for the youth of India.

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Hand hold start-ups to get them ready for raising funds

Ready to raise funds?

Without a plan, good presentation and correct numbers, you send a very unprofessional message out to the investors.

What's in place

The Start-up Ecosystem in India, 2020


Start-ups incepted during 2014-20, overall base growing at 25-30% y-o-y


Start-ups added in 2020; steady and sustained growth in new start-ups

₹ 63 bn

Total funding received by Start-ups in 2020


Active institutional investors; up from 400+ in 2019


Active incubators and accelerators; up from 350+ in 2019


New direct and indirect jobs created

Investor Categories

Who could be an investor?

Most of the start-ups, in their initial stage, get help from the near and dear ones. This is an option where founders need to tread very carefully.
Incubators or accelerators provide connections to industry partners and access to seed funding.
Equity financing is not always the feasible option. Debt financing, loans, etc. can provide with the funding needed.
Angel investors usually give support to start-ups at the initial moments and when most investors are not prepared to back them.
Venture Capital firms usually invest in startups involving technology, biotechnology, and clean technology, and deal with equity only.
Private equity firms are NBFCs which can invest in companies from any industry and use both cash and debt in their investment.
In our experience, every company needs a unique approach to manage its finances.

Identifying relevant investors, evaluating each aspect of an investment and making informed decisions paves the way for a win-win-win situation, for the start-up, investor as well as the economy. But to approach the right investors, SMEs need to be well equipped with the ecosystem, procedures, norms and the thumb-rules.

We believe, our expertise can help you choose and approach a relevant investor .

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