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Fund Raising Services

There are basically six key areas/steps to get your start-up ready for raising funds, once you decide that the time is right to move ahead.

What we do?
Here we try to understand as much as possible about your startup. The reason why you started it, what is your mission and the long term vision you have for the business. A detailed study is carried out about the funding history for other startups working in a similar space as you. Our learnings are shared with you so that you get a realistic understanding of the ecosystem.
A pitch deck is a presentation that the founders put together when seeking a round of funding from investors. Pitch deck is of paramount importance to initiate any discussion with an investor. Every investor will ask for it and not continue the discussion if he isn't impressed by it. Our team of experts follows industry best practices and guidelines provided by the Govt of India while carefully crafting this document for you.
Here we tackle the critical issue of valuation which is a point of debate between any investor and founder. We use a valuation method that is most suitable for the business model of the startup. This is based on the startup's past performance and future prospects in terms of revenue generation, traction, market capture, etc. All these inputs are utilized to arrive at a value that would be acceptable to both investors and the founder.
While the pitch deck and financial projections we create for you can be used to approach any investor who wishes to fund your startup, we connect you with Incubators and Accelerators relevant to your startup. These are organizations that focus on helping a startup grow by providing mentorship, connections with industry partners, access to seed funding, and lab facilities.
Rigorous due diligence is carried out before even a single penny passes from the investor's wallet to yours. In this process, investors see if your house is in order. Your entire organization along with its teammates undergo strict financial and legal audits. Arthayan consults you in being ready with this documentation which helps the process move ahead smoothly.
The term sheet is the document that outlines the terms by which an investor will make a financial investment in your company. We shall also consult you on negotiating the deal in your best interest. Shareholders agreement is the legal document created based on the things finalised in the termsheet. Our legal team helps you navigate this final step before the money comes in.

MSME Support (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)

MSMEs need constant nurturing and support for sustainable growth. There are various aspects where Arthayan can contribute and help you and your enterprise develop.

What we do?
Funds are the lifeblood of any organization. Without access to sufficient capital Companies find it difficult to manage their day to day operations. It is also difficult for a company to grow to the next stage without adequate funding support. At Arthayan, we understand this and thus help you to understand your Capital needs and also support you in all the stages of raising finance.
One of the biggest Component of a company’s working capital is its inventory. Thus it is essential to have sufficient controls and checks over Inventory with regards to storage adequate stock levels checking expiry levels etc. Sufficient control over inventory releases working capital from the business thus allowing companies to have lower working capital cycles. We at Arthayan can help you design your inventory management process.
Sometimes as entrepreneurs we are unsure of how to grow our Business to the next level and the steps required to execute that. At Arthayan, we have a panel of experts, strategists, charted accountants and market analysts who will guide you on your journey.
Various Government schemes have been designed to encourage entrprenuers to start businesses. One of the ways that the Government does this is by giving subsidies to the New Entrepreneurs. At Arthayan, we will help you avail them.

India Entry Services

India is the second post populous country with the most diverse cultures and the fatest growing economy in the world. We encourage people to start venturing into the Indian markets and want to help aspiring founders, directors and companies to begin their journey here and support them in their growth and development.

What we do?
Undertanding the economy will help businesses' entry into India be more relevant, with comprehensive and well defined business goals, vision and mission.
Market research and evaluation of business viability before getting ventured into the Indian market will be key to your business plan. At Arthayan, we believe our experience and expertise will help you understand various aspects of the target audience in India.
Planning and strategizing the entry and growth in the market with a well documented plan will be crucial for businesses to interact and engage various vendors, suupliers and end customers.
Facilitating the execution of the business plans with retained support for all the financial aspects of your business processes, right from industry connects to fund raising, accounting, compliance, due dilligence, etc.

Management Consultancy Services

Whether a start-up, MSME or an established business, growth, efficiency and performance remain constant aspects of the company life-cycle. Performance monitoring, improvements and economic growth require a structured approach and building foresight with adaptability to the constantly changing markets

What we do?
It is important for a Business to look ahead and plan ahead to be successful. Hence Budgets and Forecasts are critical tools to Gauge what the future holds for your Business. We at Arthayan, understand this and will help you prepare extensive Budgets for each Business Function and also analyze the forecasts with actual results and identify reasons for variances if any.
Apart from raising funds it is important to understand the structure in which we should raise funds viz Debt/Equity or a mix of both. An Entities Capital Structure should be aligned to its Future Business plans. We At Arthayan will help you to define the structure suitable for your business.
The growth of an enterprise requires an adequate strategy with fall-back plans and evaluating worst case scenarios. A viable plan for working towards achieving long-term targets is must for your company's progress, value system and market impact. We at Arthayan, can help you craft the same.
An Enterprise faces several risks in the eco system that it functions in. Some of these risks may be internal while others may be external. We at Arthayan will help you understand these risks and put processes in place to mitigate the same.
There are two ways to increase profits in any company. The first is to increase the sales and the second is to decrease the costs. While many people focus on sales increase, the cost part is not given sufficient focus. We at Arthayan can help you do this
It is mission critical for any organization that its employees have complete clarity over their job roles and responsibilities. Moreover due to high employee turnover time it may be difficult to train your new employees in how your organization works. To overcome this we will help you design Standard Operating Procedures for Your company to ensure that all processes in your organization are seamlessly executed even when there is high employee turnover.
Arthayan will advise on acquisition or divestment strategy and prepare information memorandum. We can hold buy/sell mandates for businesses/companies/products and carry out the required due diligence before exit.

Accounting and Compliance

Whether or not you anticipate to raise funds, some activities are just BAU (business as usual). An enterprise needs to carry them out continuously behind the scenes. But they are as important as the other client-facing aspects of your company.
Whether an individual, or an enterprise, taxes are evident. Liabilities, compliance, etc also play an important role in the enterprise life-cycle. At the same time there are tax benefits and ways in which one can avail them.

What we do?
Knowing the Current position of your company is critical for any entrepreneur to be successful. We at Arthayan know this and would help you stay ahead of all compliances and be investor ready at all times.
A Business is liable towards various stakeholders when functioning. One of them is the Government wherein the Business is liable to pay taxes in various Forms to the Government. We at Arthayan, will anaylise the Environment in which the business is Functioning and help you ascertain the various taxes that you are liable to pay and also help you register for the same.
Post Registration for various taxes a Business is required to submit various data in the form of returns to the Government. Moreover due to the dynamic nature of the ecosystem in which a business functions there are constant changes in the returns to be submitted, due dates, date of tax payments etc. At Arthayan, we will help you steer through this complex environment and complete all your compliances in a timely manner.
Upon filing of the Returns as mentioned in compliance. The Government may ask for additional information/ Queries upon scrutinizing our returns. We at Arthayan, believe that our expertise comes into play at this crtitical stage wherein we will stand by our advice and guide you in these turbulent times.
A Business is liable towards various stakeholders when functioning. One of them is the Government wherein the Business is liable to pay taxes in various Forms to the Government.